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London, UK

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Nairobi, Kenya

Durban, South Africa


Hiyaah Power is a dynamic online community that consists of a network of over 40,000 women in 40 states, the UK, Caribbean, South America and Africa.  It was created to serve as an online conduit of information for women. Information includes the following topics:   professional development (for profit and non-profit), holistic counseling and healing resources, and news on leading edge organizations that expand a woman's empowerment base.  Hiyaah Power is the brain child of Niambi Jarvis and remains an active network of women who connected before the wide adoption of social media.

Such information is disseminated via Nouveau Networking events, teleseminars, conferences (in person and virtual), radio interviews with industry experts, articles, and Hiyaah Power retreats.  Much of our work results from collaborative efforts with businesses, non-profits and ministries across the US and abroad.  Hiyaah Power is dedicated to providing relevant resources that address women's issues--as they pertain to mind, body, and spirit. 

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