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Women Get Politics is a non-partisan thought leadership forum created to amplify discourse surrounding political issues that affect women and girls. Our mission is to expand the understanding of how politics play a role in every aspect of life--economics, access to power and resources, education, employment, health, religion and lifestyle choices. The power of social media will be harnessed to aggregate and share relevant political issues and conversations while increasing opportunities for women's voices to be heard.


Hiyaah Power Girls eMentoring provides early intervention and prevention services through mentoring relationships for young girls in 5th to 12th grades at risk for educational failure, teen pregnancy, truancy and juvenile delinquency. The strategies encourage young women to dream beyond often confining conditions of urban life and reach out to professional women nationwide for guidance.  Mentoring activies occur online and in person through Hiyaah Power sponsored events.


​Hiyaah Power has supported Heifer International in its mission to empower millions of families globally through sustainable giving of livestock and resources to end hunger and poverty and to care for the earth. As people share their animals' offspring with others - along with their knowledge, resources, and skills - an expanding network of hope, dignity, and self-reliance is created that reaches around the globe. 


Fast Brain Kids was started to provide healthy alternatives for children who are disproportinately being labeled with behavioral disorders in communities of color.  Children have experienced reversal of symptoms through diet, exercise and removal of environmental toxins. Our children have diverse ways of viewing the world and processing information and should be celebrated.



​Hiyaah Power stresses the importance of "bridge mentoring" in helping to close the inclusiveness gap. "It is critical that women who have gained access and success in the corporate arena reach back to lessen the learning curve for those younger women who will follow in their footsteps," states Jarvis.


Diversity practices and inclusion processes are the responsibility of every woman in corporate America. If you see areas that are lacking--you are called to speak up. The personal and professional lives of women are depending on you to make a difference.

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